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How to Sell Courses Online and Accept Credit Cards

Have you ever wanted to sell an online course or membership access and accept credit cards directly on your website?

Now you can with my WordPress LMS plugin LifterLMS and the Stripe extension.

LifterLMS Stripe Extension How to sell oline courses and accept credit cardsStripe is a powerful tool for accepting credit card payments directly on your website. It seeks to provide a better user experience than Paypal and solve some of Paypal’s frustration points. One of my favorite things about Stripe is that Stripe will automatically move money from your Stripe account into your bank account. With Paypal this is a more manual process.

LifterLMS is a powerful learning management system for WordPress. It allows you to easily create and sell online courses. Check out this video that Mark made about how to build an online course in 3 minutes:

LifterLMS is a WordPress LMS that works with Paypal right out of the box. With the Lifter Stripe extension you can offer your online courses for sale and accept payments directly on your site. You can sell your online courses for one time payments or even recurring subscription revenue. We’ve even got you set up so you can offer a trial period and then kick in your subscription model.

Click here to explore LifterLMS and Stripe for your online education platform:

Best WordPress LMS Plugin | LifterLMS for eLearning and How Online Entrepreneurs Sell Digital Courses

lms-course-image (1)

Last week we released LifterLMS to the world. We released this WordPress learning management system plugin back in October 2014 to a group of eLearning innovators who have helped refine the product over the past couple months. Check out the full story in this LifterLMS video …

IMG_0999LifterLMS is Now Available

Right before we released LifterLMS to the world again I got together with one of my business partners Joshua Millage in California to prepare for the launch and polish off the final details.

If you have questions about LifterLMS and how you can create greater impact and income from online courses you create and sell with a powerful tool like LifterLMS, we’d love to meet you on one of our regularly scheduled webinars. You can contact us anytime at his link as well:

Joshua and I also produce a podcast for education entrepreneurs called LMScast. You can tap into the podcast videos and other LifterLMS news at the bottom of this WordPress LMS post.

If you’d like to see the LifterLMS WordPress LMS demo, click here:

WordPress LMS Plugin lifterLMS | Are You an Early Adopter?

lifterLMS logo

I’m really proud to announce to you the release of my WordPress LMS plugin called lifterLMS. This is a group effort with the talented team at codeBOX. We’ve released it on the open market for 6 days. You will no longer be able to purchase lifterLMS after Monday November 3 at midnight.

We will put it back on the market in January 2015.

We are releasing lifterLMS for a short period to get the most engaged users on board and evolve the feature set with this tight knit group of early adopters.

If you are interested in joining this group of innovators, click here to get a personal or developers license of lifterLMS.

lifterLMS Features Available Now


LMS & eLearning Features

Organize Your LMS – Easily create an unlimited number of courses, sections, and lessons.

Modern Admin Interface – Intuitive course creation interface with drag and drop lesson capabilities for easy organization

Ready for any Medium – Create video lessons, audio lessons, text­based lessons, downloads, or any combination

Test Your Students – Quizzes and assignments with automatic or manual grading coming soon …

Certificates – Automatically issue custom, printable certificates upon completion of course material

Time Your Content – Drip­feed your course content, create prerequisites, or leave it wide open

Track and Visualize Student Progress – Built­-in e­learning analytics and reporting coming soon …

Engage Your Students – Course discussions area coming soon …

Google Hangouts & Live Events – Live events management and Google Hangouts integration to create blended learning experiences coming soon …

Ecommerce Features

Native Shopping Cart Included – Built in shopping cart designed specifically to the needs of a LMS website with no third party shopping carts required

Choose Your Payment Type – Sell your courses for a one­time price or offer subscription payments

Watch Your Sales Grow – Track your sales and income with built in ecommerce order tracking

Payment Gateways – Works with Paypal out of the box, including subscriptions + Stripe credit card processing and more coming soon …

WooCommerce Option – One click setting available to integrate with WooCommerce if you want to use their system and extensions

Discounts and Promotions – Custom coupon system for your promotion needs coming soon …

Membership Site Features

Advanced Restriction Settings – Create and sell unlimited membership levels to protect the whole site or specific groups of

Intuitive Member Management – Intuitive admin interface for creating and managing membership levels and related restricted access

Front­end Profiles and User Panels – Students will never have to log into WordPress. They will have custom student dashboards.

Engagement Features

Advanced Automated Emails – Easily set up personalized automated instant or time delayed emails to go out based on user action

Rengagement – Send pre­crafted personalized emails to users who have not logged into your LMS in a timeframe you select

Awards – Reward students for course progress and completion with certificates, achievements, and gamification to your LMS

lifterLMS General Features

Theme Agnostic – Works with any well coded WordPress theme so you can customize the look and feel to your heart’s content.

Responsive – Mobile responsive, device agnostic design.

Unprecedented Support – Responsive high level support direct from the talented team who created the WordPress LMS

lifterLMS Demo Video

Check out the lifterLMS demo video my business partner Joshua Millage made …

How to Build a WordPress LMS with lifterLMS

We also have more videos that show you how to build an online courses website with lifterLMS. Click here to take the course on how to build a WordPress powered learning management system with lifterLMS.

>> Click here to grab your copy of lifterLMS <<

How to Pick a WordPress LMS Theme

In this video we talk about how to pick a WordPress LMS theme. At the end of the day we believe WordPress themes should be primarily for design and plugins should be used for additional functionality.

Recommended WordPress Themes for WordPress LMS plugins like lifterLMS

Genesis powered themes from Studiopress:

Woo Themes:

Twenty Twelve (free):

WordPress LMS Plugin vs Hosted Learning Management Solutions

Why WordPress LMS Plugins are Better …

In this episode of LMScast, Chris and Joshua discuss why they believe a learning management system on WordPress is better than a hosted learning management system solution.

The community building around the lifterLMS WordPress plugin is a validation of the huge demand for a LMS solution on WordPress.

At the end of the day the WordPress LMS plugin option is cheaper, more extendable, and easier to integrate into an existing web presence.