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How to Pick a WordPress LMS Theme

In this video we talk about how to pick a WordPress LMS theme. At the end of the day we believe WordPress themes should be primarily for design and plugins should be used for additional functionality.

Recommended WordPress Themes for WordPress LMS plugins like lifterLMS

Genesis powered themes from Studiopress:

Woo Themes:

Twenty Twelve (free):

WordPress LMS Plugin vs Hosted Learning Management Solutions

Why WordPress LMS Plugins are Better …

In this episode of LMScast, Chris and Joshua discuss why they believe a learning management system on WordPress is better than a hosted learning management system solution.

The community building around the lifterLMS WordPress plugin is a validation of the huge demand for a LMS solution on WordPress.

At the end of the day the WordPress LMS plugin option is cheaper, more extendable, and easier to integrate into an existing web presence.

The Power of Education Based Marketing and an ELearning Business

In this video Chris Badgett and Joshua Millage discuss how to build a WordPress LMS website for two different purposes. Chris and Joshua are part of the team behind the newest WordPress learning management system plugin called lifterLMS.

eLearning Business with a WordPress LMS

This is where you use a WordPress LMS plugin like lifterLMS to build a WordPress website where online courses or (blended learning courses) can be created, sold, and experienced.

Education Based Marketing with a WordPress Learning Management

Education based marketing is modern marketing. It’s not about in-your-face advertising. It’s about giving valuable educational content to your prospective customers before you ask for the sale. You could create rich education based online courses related to your products and services with a WordPress learning management system plugin like lifterLMS.

Why Build a WordPress Learning Management System? A WordPress Podcast for You …

I’m excited to announce the release of our new WordPress LMS podcast called LMScast. It’s a show specifically designed for entrepreneurs, teachers, subject matter experts, and online marketers looking to generate more income and impact through a WordPress Learning Management System.

While the tool is important, a WordPress LMS plugin (Lifter LMS in this case), what we really care about here in the show is how to change the world with online education.

Check out the podcast if you’re interested. We are releasing it over time in itunes and stitcher, but if you want to get a sneak peak at the first eight episodes, you can find them already published on YouTube on the lifterLMS channel.

This is a podcast designed to support the Lifter LMS WordPress plugin we’re building, but at the end of the day what’s most exciting is how people will use it to create and sell online courses and create positive impact in the world.


Best WordPress LMS Plugin

The Best WordPress LMS Plugin … lifterLMS

lifterLMS logoHello WordPress friends,

Today I’m excited to announce my new WordPress LMS plugin called lifter LMS.

I want to come right out and say I did not build it alone. I’m building it, and more importantly continuing to maintain and continuously improve it, with the talented team at codeBOX.

As you know, I’ve been in the WordPress learning management system space for quite some time. I’ve done a lot for myself and with my LMS clients predominantly with the Acadmey LMS theme. It’s a great theme with incredible support from the theme developer, Themex. WPLMS is also a great WordPress LMS theme as well. I’ve written about both WordPress LMS themes here.

Introducing the Next Generation of WordPress LMS Plugins … lifterLMS

I thought for a long time, like years, whether I would build a WordPress LMS theme or plugin ,,,

Then it dawned on me that that the WordPres plugin was the route to go and here’s why:

  • This WordPress LMS will work with any theme
  • You can use whatever you want for other plugins for additional functionality, and it won’t break anything
  • The term “theme” or “plugin” doesn’t really mean anything. It’s all PHP and other code when you get down to it. What’s important is that it works.

I think Learndash has it right by building a WordPress LMS plugin. So does WP Courseware and Woo Sensei. I absolutely love the Academy WordPress LMS theme, but I often get limited by it’s codebase because it’s a theme, and it can be harder to extend.

With so many great WordPress LMS options out there, I found peace it taking the plugin route because it could work for any WordPress website on any theme.

Think about it …

Maybe you want to add a learning management system to create a new product line or create education based marketing for your existing offers. A WordPress LMS plugin makes that decision not only easy, but quick in the couple clicks it takes to install a new plugin.

Introducing lifterLMS: The Feature Set

LMS eLearning Features

  • Easily create an unlimited number of online courses, modules, and lessons.
  • Easy to use course builder interface. Build better courses that engage students by organizing lessons in completable, trackable modules.
  • Intuitive course creation interface with drag and drop lesson capabilities for easy organization and updates.
  • Create video lessons, audio lessons, text-based lessons, downloadable lessons, or any combination
  • You can make your own lessons do whatever you want. If the material can go on a webpage, you can add it with lifterLMS.
  • Add any kind of supplementary download material to any lesson.
  • Create quizzes and tests with automatic or manual grading with per question validation.
  • Create and manage real assignments with download and upload capabilities that require manual grading or approval.
  • Automatically issue custom, printable certificates upon completion of course material based on passing grade or simply on completion of the course.
  • Add badges, achievements, and gamification to your WordPress LMS
  • Drip-feed your course content based on specific dates or days since sign up or user completion of courses or lessons.
  • Advanced prerequisite system built in so you can restrict forward progress based on completion of any course, lesson, or group of lessons.
  • Built-in e-learning analytics and reporting, including a WordPress dashboard widget. More analytics features coming soon…
  • Easily add your courses, lessons, or LMS category based content to any page with built in lifterLMS shortcodes.
  • Customizable student profile pages waiting for you.
  • Custom built-in group discussions area and private student to teacher (and vice versa) discussions. bbpress or other external forum software not required.
  • Google Hangouts integration to create blended learning experience options for your LMS needs.
  • Live events management for your blended learning requirements coming soon.
  • Easily add protected videos from Vimeo, Youtube, and Wistia. Self-hosted videos coming soon…
  • Easily add protected audio content from Soundcloud. Self-hosted audio coming soon…

Ecommerce Features

  • Built in shopping cart designed specifically to the needs of a WordPress LMS website. No third party shopping carts required. If you want to use WooCommerce, you still can.
  • Sell your courses for a one-time price or require subscription payments.
  • Track your sales and income with built in ecommerce analytics and reporting functionality.
  • Works with Paypal out of the box, including Paypal subscriptions. Stripe credit card processing integration coming soon…
  • State tax functionality built in
  • Custom couponing system for your promotional needs included.

Membership Site Features

  • Create unlimited membership levels to protect your content without third party solutions like Wishlist Member.
  • Cutting edge anonymous user data storage so you have the option for users to go through the system without signing up. This will still work even if a user leaves the website and comes back later. This also allows users to begin taking courses before signing up and sync up course progress when account is created.
  • Restrict memberships and access to course materials based on purchase of courses or certain bundles of content.
  • Restrict capabilities based on user role like having different access to parts of the site for teachers, teachers assistants, tutors, and students.
  • Intuitive admin interface for creating and managing membership levels and related restricted access controls.
  • Students will never have to log into WordPress. They will have custom personal profile pages.

Engagement Features

  • Easily set up personalized automated emails to go out based on user action or non action, similar to what’s possible with the Infusionsoft Campaign Builder.
  • Built in email system so you can send broadcast messages from teacher to students
  • Built in automated email system to send notifications to teachers and students.
  • Automated (SMS) text messaging from the LMS coming soon.
  • Reward students for course progress and completion through certificates, badges, gamification, and more …

lifterLMS General Features codeBOX Style

  • Works with any WordPress theme so you can customize the look and feel to your heart’s content and design preferences.
  • Mobile responsive, device agnostic design.
  • Responsive high level support direct from the team who created the WordPress LMS plugin. lifterLMS is created and supported by a talented team of WordPress web developers, web designers, LMS experts, and web marketers at codeBOX.

Welcome to lifterLMS

I’m looking forward to seeing you inside the lifterLMS community, lifterLMS users are a committed group of entrepreneurs, teachers, subject matter experts, and online marketers looking to generate more income and impact. Let’s change the world of online education together. lifterLMS is here for you as your tool to making and selling online courses all with your own WordPress powered website.

Get lifterLMS

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