Frequently Asked Questions

Before Contacting us, please scan this list of frequently asked questions from past clients.

How Much does a website cost?

Most websites cost between $500 and $5000 dollars.  Or you can go the free DIY WordPress Website route.

What are the benefits of a well done website?

You now have a marketing asset that never expires.  You’re message or “pitch” is now online and available worldwide, even while you sleep.  DO NOT underestimate the possible impact of reaching a global audience and publishing your message and content online.

Are your websites custom designed or do you use templates?

We use high quality premium templates and then customize them.

Do you outsource any of your services?

Sometimes. We can do almost everything ourselves. However if you have super custom design or development needs, we act as a general contractor and tap incredible talent to execute these details.

What content management system do you use?

WordPress. It’s the best in the world. And we teach you how to use it for your site when we’re done so you can update your site on your own in the future.

How do you ensure your sites display and function appropriately across multiple browsers and platforms?

High quality WordPress themes and responsive design techniques allow our sites to look great on all browsers, computers, smart phones, and tablets.

Why should I hire you?

It’s very rare to find someone who understands web design, marketing, business, and has good communication skills.  We work very hard to embody all these qualities. We also offer a 100% refund if you’re not happy with your site. P.S. We’ve never had a refund request.

Why can’t I find my current website in the search engines?

Because your site has not been optimized for search engines.  BTW this doesn’t have to be complicated.

How long does it take to build a website?

2-4 Weeks. Rush options are available.

Does your website include search engine optimization?

Yes. We believe it is unethical to charge money for a site that can’t be easily found by search engines.

How do I update my site after you are done?

We send you an instructional video unique to your website that walks you through exactly how to update your site without us.  You can also hire us to do it if you’re too busy.

Can I get new email addresses with my website?

Yes. We can set you up with as many as you need.  You can use this email address from your existing gmail, hotmail, etc.

Can I accept credit cards on my website?

Yes. Once you open the door to eCommerce options, your web site development costs will be higher.  That’s OK because you’re going to making money with your site.

Do you have a physical office?

No. We work from home under the distributed workforce model.  This allows us to keep web package costs low and tap talent around the world in multiple time zones. Physical office space is an unnecessary expense that should never be passed on to web design clients.

What are the biggest mistakes your clients make?

Getting distracted by design. Not taking the time to learn the fundamentals of marketing.  Not taking the time to understand user experience (curse of knowledge).  Not investing in future web marketing efforts. Rationalizing their mistakes.  Not being open to new ideas.

Can you tell me more about the curse of knowledge?

The curse of knowledge or “expertitis” happens all the time … especially to intelligent business owners. They make the mistake of communicating as if their website is targeting another expert instead of their “less experienced” customer or audience.  Their communications are filled with unnecessary jargon and skip a lot of details that new customers need. Many businesses fail because of their inability to grasp this seemingly simple concept with their customers and coworkers.

Which is more important … Design or Content?

Content. We build beautiful websites, but content is 10 times more important. Business owners should focus on creating and organizing their information instead of “making it look pretty.”

How do I create a website that generates more leads?

Know your ideal customer.  Create a compelling offer.  Structure that offer and display it inside of a beautiful content driven website.  Have a clear call to action.  Deliver on your promise.  Also use lots of online video!

What’s the best way to design a logo?

Businesses should focus on naming their business appropriately and creating a simple text logo instead of creating a fancy logo first. Once you have paying customers or “proof of concept” contact us about designing your logo or use 99designs.com.

Should I collect email addresses on my website?

Yes. Even if you don’t have a newsletter or something to give you visitors if they sign up, you should give them the option to request future email communications from you.  Creating a highly targeted email list is critical to your success.

What is responsive design and why is responsive web design important?

Responsive design means your website will change shape and function properly on smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.  This is not a gimmick.  This is the future.

Why do you give away your How to Build a WordPress Website in a Weekend Program for free?

Because we love building responsive WordPress websites and we think it’s important to help out entrepreneurs who need a website but can’t afford to pay for it.  In return, we ask people who use it to refer clients our way if they know someone who is looking to hire someone to build a website for them.

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