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idx_broker_platinumIDX Broker Platinum released to the public on June 10, 2013 and if you’re looking for a WordPress theme like Agent Evolution and a web design business to build out your IDX Broker Platinum website, you’ve come to the right place. Contact former Realtor turned WordPress web designer, Chris Badgett, to get started.

IDX Broker platinum is the new version of IDX Broker. It’s designed to work better with the modern web. IDX Broker platinum is designed to display easily on mobile devices and tablets. It works differently from the old IDX by keeping users on your site, instead of actually leaving to go to an IDX site made to look like your website with your branding.

IDX Broker Platinum and WordPress

IDX Broker Platinum can work seamlessly with a WordPress site if your website is built properly. With WordPress you can easily update the pages on your site or add blog posts without having to hire a developer like me. You can also easily add your own listings to your site manually if you want to have featured listings of your own in addition to all the powerful content you can bring in from your MLS via IDX.

IDX Broker WordPress Themes

Agent Evolution LLC
One of the most promising places to get WordPress themes for IDX Broker Platinum is Agent Evolution, which runs on the Genesis framework by StudioPress.

You can check out the demos of their three IDX Broker compatible WordPress themes:

  • Turn Key
  • Curb Appeal
  • Picture Perfect

How to build an IDX Broker Platinum WordPress Website …

If you’re ready to take the leap and do it yourself, I recommend starting with our free training on how to build a WordPress website in a weekend.

If you want a WordPress web designer to build your responsive WordPress real estate website for you who is also familiar with IDX as a web developer and as someone with experience in selling and marketing real estate, contact Chris today at 207.381.7607.




  1. Dave


    Exercise extreme caution. While every story has 2 sides I can tell you this: My experience w/ Agent Evolution has been like no other. It’s been almost a week and multiple problems are not resolved – no site and worse yet, it’s become pretty obvious they aren’t even knowledgeable about what they are selling . Now I’m hearing unbelievable statements from CEO Chad like; “Our business model is poor because the average real estate agent makes only $33,000 a year, how can we possibly base a profitable business on that”.

    Beware! Don’t poor your money and effort down this drain!

    • Chris Badgett


      Thanks for your candid feedback. I haven’t dealt with the company personally, just their theme products as a developer, which worked out well for me.

      There’s also the IDXBrokerPlatinum WordPress plugin which can work with any theme.

      I do like some of Agent Evolution themes’ built in design to support some IDX features, however any well coded WordPress theme could work with the free IDX Broker Platinum plugin.

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