WordPress LMS Themes Comparison and Review

If you’re an entrepreneurial educator and looking for WordPress themes comparison, I want you to know that I will continue to update this page as new WordPress LMS themes are released into the WP ecosystem.

There are WordPress themes and there are WordPress plugins. In this review we are only going to look at only WordPress LMS themes. In theory a WordPress LMS plugin can work with any theme like Sensei or LearnDash, but this article is about strictly WordPress LMS themes.

In a recent forum post you can see the popular WordPress theme marketplace Themeforest is incentivising developers and designers to create WordPress LMS themes.

Sales of WordPress LMS themes on themeforest are way above average, which signals incredible high demand for WordPress LMS themes.

I am not presenting these themes in an unbiased order. I do have an opinion on what is best and will share my thoughts. My top pick is first.

1) Academy WordPress LMS theme

Academy – Learning Management Theme WordPress LMS 11-56-45


Theme Description: Academy is a perfect theme for sharing and selling your knowledge online. It’s not just a theme, but learning management system that makes learning and teaching online easier for everyone… Read more→

Click here to read what others are saying about this WordPress LMS theme

My Opinion: This is the best WordPress LMS theme currently on the market. I use it here for myself and many of my web clients use it. The support from the plugin author is the best I’ve ever seen too.


2) WPLMS theme

WPLMS WordPress LMS theme


Theme Description: WPLMS is not just a WordPress Theme but a advanced Learning Management System. This theme utilises the maximum potential of WordPress + BuddyPress + BBPress + WooCommerce. It is a powerful theme with lot of flexible and usable features. It comes with custom plugins specifically designed for this theme to work as a powerful Learning management system. Built with HTML5 and CSS3, WPLMS has many unique features … Read more→

Click here to read what others are saying about this WordPress LMS theme

My Opinion: This theme has a lot of promise. It’s more complicated than Academy which is good for the extra features, but bad for ease of use and clean code. It’s also built to be more like an online course marketplace like Udemy. I’ve been watching this theme evolve and must say I’m impressed with how the creator keeps iterating it based on customer feedback. This theme could move up to the number one spot, but I’d like to see the design cleaned up a bit, and see some of the complexity minimized a bit.


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Chris Badgett of Badgett Web Design

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WordPress + LMS represents the democratization of education on a global scale. You’re in the right place if you’re interested in playing a part in this transition as an educator, entrepreneur, or subject matter expert on any topic worth teaching.

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  1. Ram


    You can add our theme also – http://themeforest.net/item/lms-responsive-learning-management-system

    Hope it is worth comparing!

  2. michael


    Thanks a ton for this review and the link to your example site. It was by far the most relevant I have found (though still on the second page of google for search of “WordPress LMS Theme review” .

    I offer something similar to what you are doing on your organic site.

    My big struggle right now is trying to figure out if I want to go the LMS plugin route or the theme route. Every couple years I like to update a theme, and I am not sure I want my LMS to lock me into a specific theme.

    Thanks again. Have a good one.

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